Golden Lock In Award

Level 4/5 | Success Rate 54% | Record 33:41

The Girl’s Room is thé famous, notorious and widely acclaimed Escape Room 2.0 sensation for grown girls and tough guys!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl that lived in an orphanage. She dreamed of having a room of her own and one day her dream came true. The orphan girl was welcomed by a kind hearted man and was granted a very room of her own. This room was beyond her wildest dreams, with a dressing table, a warm and cozy bed and a dollhouse with all of the dolls she could ever wish for. The little girl was the happiest and most fortunate orphan there could have ever been.

Little did she know that looks can be deceiving and that the loving man that took her into his safe arms wasn’t so lovely as she once thought. What happened to the orphan girl? Find out together with your team in this quivering escape room 2.0 adventure.

I played over almost 200 rooms now all across the globe, but no room can beat De Meisjeskamer thus far. I would kill if I could go in a time machine so I could experience it all over again!! The creepy ambiance, the different levels of tension, the puzzles, the storyline and the jump scares were amazingly constructed. Needless to say: This room is a must for every escape room junk in the world!


Michel through Room Escape Artist

The Girl's Room

  • 2 to 6 players
  • Recommended number of players 4/5
  • Minimum age 18
  • Max. 60 minutes
  • Rewatch your escape!
  • Use of our Game Lounge
  • Escape room 2.0

All rooms have an emergency button. You can immediately leave the room through several emergency exits after pressing this button.