Escape Room is the superlative of


Exciting and practical training for companies and organizations at Mama Bazooka. In a short time, all elements of cooperation are tested to the limit. An intense and educational adventure!

One team, one task. You have 60 minutes to escape from the blistering Escape Room. Time is ticking away. The tension rises. Who can withstand this immense pressure? The coach observes. How does the team function? And what role do you play as an individual? That comes later. Right now you have something else on your mind: crack the code!

In the Escape Room you cannot escape the sharp gaze of Couzijn Evers and Martijn Vink. Experienced coaches who prepare teams for the next level every day. Their approach is sometimes confrontational, but always warm and involved.

In the training, the coaches translate the experiences in the Escape Room to the workplace. How can the team function better and more effectively? The focus is on energy, guts, collaboration, connection and safety. Nothing remains hidden in the Escape Room… What new insights will you take home?

Couzijn Evers

Escape Room coach

Martijn Vink

Escape Room coach


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