THE DOME was ranked #1 in the world by TERPECA in 2019 and 2020. In 2023 THE DOME achieved the #2.


Level 5/5 | Success Rate 43% | Record 38:50

For an investigation, you and your team participate in a dozen tests at THE DOME Research Facilities. At the same time, in your research room, the life-threatening criminal cyborg Hector undergoes CMNT (Controlled Molecular Neuro Transmission) treatment.

Partly because Hector's henchmen take out Thommas Wigg -head of security-, Hector manages to hack THE DOME's system with his internal computer.

As a result, there is nothing that can stop the outbreak of Hector. The result; the escape of an extremely high dose of Sodium Cyclate into THE DOME's research space. You and your team will be intoxicated by this substance and from then on enter a hallucination where the line between reality and fantasy is completely blurred. Despite the illusion created by this hallucination, in reality you will never leave the research room of THE DOME!

Can you and your team, after Hector's escape, let go of all logic and go with the flow of your hallucination? Or will you get caught up in the illusion?

A game that stands head and shoulders above any other I've played. It has the single most beautiful puzzle I've encountered and a string of jaw-dropping moments. It's hard to believe any games will come close to matching what they've created here.

Ken Ferguson

through Terpeca


#2 on TERPECA in 2023
  • 2 to 6 players
  • Recommended number of players 4/5
  • Minimum age 16
  • Max. 70 minutes
  • Rewatch your escape!
  • Use of our Game Lounge
  • Escape Room 3.0

All rooms have an emergency button. You can immediately leave the room through several emergency exits after pressing this button.